Business & Regulatory

Virtually every aspect of commercial activity is overseen by a government licensing authority. It is impossible to operate in a modern commercial environment without facing some sort of regulation.

Any perceived or alleged failure to comply with regulations can potentially result in sanctions ranging from a fine to imprisonment and can include the revocation of a licence necessary for business to continue trading.

The consequences of regulatory investigations for small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) are often more pronounced than for larger businesses and can have significant detrimental effects if the right advice is not obtained at the earliest opportunity.

At Hollingsworth Edwards we specialise in providing tailored regulatory solutions to SME’s. We specialise in advising on potential preventative measures that businesses can undertake to avoid the potential for prosecution. In the event of a regulatory investigation or prosecution we can provide you with expert advice and representation.

Typical prosecutions that we deal with in this area are:

  • Alcohol licensing
  • Taxi licensing
  • HMO prosecutions
  • Breaches of trademark
  • Trading standards prosecutions
  • Health and Safety Executive prosecutions
  • Food safety prosecutions
  • Fire safety regulations

Where possible we provide our services on a fixed fee basis, so that our clients have the security of knowing the full extent of any legal costs, and that they are being represented by experts in this field. Should you require advice in any of the above areas, please call us on the above number and to arrange a fixed fee initial consultation.

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