In matters of criminal and regulatory law Hollingsworth Edwards Solicitors are specialists.  The ethos which underlies the creation of this young firm is to provide the highest standards of representation to our clients, whether publicly or privately funded.

At Hollingsworth Edwards, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of clients. We seek to ensure equal access to our firm's service to all who may need legal assistance. We adhere to a strict equality and diversity policy in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. Through our extensive experience representing clients from many different backgrounds we are acutely aware of the need within our local community for cultural and ethnic sensitivity. Within our firm we have the ability to communicate with clients in French, Spanish and Italian and have access to a wide range of interpreters, including sign language. In addition, should you suffer a physical disability we incorporate a policy to accommodate your needs to ensure that you have full access to our service.
James Palfrey

James Palfrey is a Solicitor Advocate with rights of audience in all civil and criminal courts.

James is an established and able advocate, with many years of experience and practice in the Crown Court. His specialism is in defending serious violent and sexual offences, regularly appearing on behalf of defendant’s charged with matters such as kidnap, grievous bodily harm, robbery, and rape. He began his career in East London, with the longest established firm in Hackney. During his training James’ keen eye for detail, and intuitive understanding of the trial process, enabled him to litigate numerous serious and high profile cases from a very early stage. As well as distinguishing himself as a trial advocate, James is a capable appellate advocate, having successfully appeared in Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal for appeals against both conviction and sentence, most recently successfully appealing a sentence in a rape case, obtaining a conditional discharge for his client.

Nicola Palfrey

Nicola Palfrey is a partner with rights of audience in all civil and criminal courts

Nicola is a solicitor and experienced trial advocate representing clients both in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. Nicola successfully overturned a conviction in the High Court, establishing one of the leading authorities in defining the law on assaults on police officers. Throughout her career she has represented clients facing allegations of murder; conspiracies; serious drugs offences including importation; armed robbery; sexual offences; complex financial offences and offences of serious violence. Nicola represents clients tenaciously whether it be to fearlessly present their defence or persuasively mitigate on their behalf. Her intellectual versatility, combined with her wide-ranging insight as to how the law can be effectively applied in novel ways have been invaluable to those she represents.

Tim Starkey

Tim Starkey is a barrister, working as an advocate and police station representative for Hollingsworth Edwards.

Tim is an experienced advocate with considerable experience in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. His work encompasses armed robberies, GBH, sexual offences, fraud, drugs importation and confiscation hearings. Tim has particular expertise in immigration offences and has conducted a number of high profile cases involving human trafficking. In addition, Tim has considerable experience of representing clients in prison disciplinary hearings and before the parole board. Tim is also a qualified police station representative and takes pride in his ability to reassure, advise and robustly represent clients during the first stages of a police investigation. Over his 9 years in practice Tim has developed a reputation for meticulous preparation, skillful cross-examination and fighting hard for his client, whatever the odds.

Matt Horne

Matt Horne is a Solicitor Advocate with an accountancy background who specialises in criminal defence, particularly complex cases

Matt conducts a wide range of criminal litigation in offences, from assault and robbery to more specialised crimes such as high-value fraud and dangerous dog offences. He joined Hollingsworth Edwards in August 2011 and is an accredited police station representative as well as managing his own caseload of both Magistrates’ and Crown Court matters. Prior to his legal career, Matt spent two years training as an accountant in a multi-national manufacturing company having initially attained a masters degree in Physics at university, before moving into law and gaining distinctions in both his Graduate Diploma and Legal Practice Course. This has given him a very methodical and analytical approach to his work, proving valuable insight in his handling of more complex cases involving large quantities of forensic evidence and cell site analysis.

James McGuinness

James McGuinness is a criminal solicitor whose practice is enhanced by a strong civil law background

James has over 12 years of legal experience. Having initially qualified in Ireland he has rights of audience in the jurisdictions of both England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. When working in Ireland James’ practice was predominantly civil having a broad range of practice areas, including family law, wills, probate, and personal injury. His varied case load and clientele involved him acting on behalf of major car manufacturers and victims of sexual abuse, and conducting litigation in the Circuit and High Court. At Hollingsworth Edwards, James continues his civil practice, bringing this wealth of experience and an advantageous civil dimension to compliment his ever increasing criminal practice. He conducts litigation in wide ranging areas of criminal defence, representing the rights of those detained at police stations and has progressed to become a robust advocate in the Magistrates’ Court.

Iain Cassie

Iain Cassie is a Barrister and experienced defence advocate

Iain is an experienced and skilled Crown Court advocate who has also appeared in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in appeals against both conviction and sentence. He was led in a Jamaican death penalty case heard before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. This was a successful appeal and the appellant was spared the gallows. Iain has a significant range of experience within criminal law and also represents clients at prison disciplinary hearings and Parole Board hearings. He is noted for his meticulous preparation, fluent advocacy and the depth of his legal research.

James Davis

James is a trainee solicitor who specialises in criminal defence

James has worked within criminal law firms, both in London and abroad, for the past five years. He has had extensive involvement in trial preparation, on matters ranging from fraud and associated money-laundering to serious sexual offences. He studied Law at the University of Durham where, in addition to conducting in-depth research into the European extradition regime, he won an International and Comparative Criminal Law award for his performance in an examination on English, German and Shari'ah Criminal Law, which brought with it the opportunity to work for a firm of International Criminal Defence Advocates in Amsterdam. James also attained the second highest distinction grade in his year in Advanced Criminal Litigation. James brings his intellectual excellence to Hollingsworth Edwards dealing with an array of offences. Having lived in Rome, James also speaks Italian.

Katherine Newey is a Higher Court solicitor advocate specialising in Criminal and Extradition Law

Katherine has many years' experience in Criminal Litigation. She is particularly experienced and successful in matters which involve vulnerable defendants or mental health issues. Within Extradition proceedings she has been instructed in both Part 1 and Part 2 requests and has been involved in several successful appeals to the High Court involving arguments under the Human Rights Act including cases which laid down new guidance in Article 8 cases in extradition proceedings in the United Kingdom. Katherine frequently advises on Appeals to the Crown Court, Divisional Court, Court of Appeal, Criminal Cases Review Commission and the European Court of Human Rights. In 2014 she gained a post graduate certificate in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford.

Bilal Chaudry

Bilal Chaudry is a paralegal specialising in criminal and regulatory law

Bilal graduated from the London School of Economics moving on to achieve a distinction in both his post-graduate diploma in law and his Legal Practice Course. Bilal worked with the Innocence project using his skills to assist prisoners who may have been wrongfully convicted overturn their convictions. At Hollingsworth Edwards, Bilal works on a wide range of criminal and regulatory cases and takes a keen interest in cases involving harassment, fraud and offences against the person. Bilal’s enthusiasm to explore cultural diversity led him to travel extensively around the Far East and Europe, and he brings his experiences to Hollingsworth Edwards supporting our work with clients from a wide range of cultures.